You could spend years trying to find your favourite thing to do in Niagara. Consider that a challenge. One suggestion: start with a weekend. Then ask yourself… is it fun you’re after? Maybe some romance? It could be a dose of culture. Whatever you need from your next getaway, Niagara Canada has it all in one, very beautiful package. 

A True World Wonder  Get up close and personal and be wowed by Niagara Falls. Whether you choose to float beside, soar above, journey behind or ride its rapids, the Horseshoe Falls is a Canadian landmark that you must see, hear and feel.

Naturally Niagara  In addition to our thundering wonder, Niagara offers nature lovers plenty of other awe-inspiring options. Hike the Bruce Trail- Canada's oldest and longest footpath, explore the magnificent Niagara Escarpment- a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, or spend a day of quiet discovery at one of our many conservation areas, trails or beaches.

Bottoms Up  Niagara has over seventy award-winning wineries eager to share their distinctive personalities and products with visitors at winery tasting rooms and on site tours. Take in a vineyard concert, try your hand at picking frozen grapes for the Icewine harvest, sample creative food and pairings at one of our many winery touring programs or chat with the winemaker over an intimate barrel cellar dinner.

Canada’s #1 Food and Wine Destination  The secret’s out! Niagara has become a culinary hotspot. Celebrity chefs like Jamie Kennedy and Massimo Capra have opened restaurants in the Falls and TripAdvisor has recognized Niagara-on-the-Lake as Canada’s number one food and wine destination. With many chefs featuring Niagara’s rich bounty of local ingredients in their menus, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable meal.

Hit the Jackpot!  Home to two casinos, including Canada’s largest, as well as the Fort Erie Race Track, Niagara has plenty of options if you’re looking to test your luck. Enjoy the great live entertainment, fantastic shopping and fabulous dining at these venues for a real Vegas vibe.

Canada’s Top Family Holiday  Niagara Falls is the place for family fun and now it’s been confirmed with TripAdvisor ranking it the top place in Canada for a family holiday. Little travellers and teens alike will be wowed by indoor water parks and the many attractions adjacent to, overlooking, or a short drive from the Falls.

Relax to the Max  If you’re looking to unwind, Niagara is home to some of Canada's top-rated spas and has perfected the destination spa experience. Where else can you partake in unique vinotherapeutic treatments using the region’s renowned wine and grapes?

Golfing Galore  Fore! With a dedicated Golf Trail and 48 courses, Niagara has the greatest single concentration of golf facilities in one region, anywhere in Canada. That’s over 850 different golf holes awaiting your next birdie.

Pedal Power  Trade in your four wheels for two and experience Niagara in a whole new way. The region boasts miles of dedicated cycling trails, organized touring programs and fantastic options for mountain biking for the outdoor sports enthusiasts.