Summer in Niagara

Every weekend in the summer is sacred, and you don’t want to spend one just anywhere. Thankfully, Niagara Canada isn’t just anywhere - it’s The 8th Wonder of the World. And it’s full of attractions worthy of that designation.

It all starts with Niagara Falls. And we suggest you do, too. All the words in the world can’t properly describe the feeling you get when you look upon this 167-ft. spectacle. Do it by air, by boat, or immerse yourself in a full 360o view from the Skylon Tower.

Like Niagara Falls, summer in Niagara is also overflowing. Festivals, markets, outdoor sports, award-winning wineries, and new culinary experiences await in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Oh, and about that tan you've been working on? Niagara’s South Coast has everything your favourite beach has - but adds a thriving art scene, rich history, and an element of thrill-seeking for those willing to suit up for skydiving.

On second thought, maybe you’d better set aside a couple weekends.