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Gotta get away

Plan your next Niagara escape.



Your time traveling Niagara is precious, but you’ll overwhelm yourself with a jam-packed visit. We’ve created a variety of itineraries devised to keep you entertained, but not overloaded, on your trip. Each itinerary will help you find your way around Niagara and impart an authentic experience. Follow the itineraries at your leisure, mix and match or use them to inspire and customize your own trip.

Ladies of leisure

Reconnect on a weekend with the girls in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Great canadian bachelor party

The ultimate boys' weekend in Niagara.

Brix and bricks

Combine your love of wine and architecture with this touring itinerary.

Niagara's wine route

Taste your way along Niagara's four unique benches with this one-day itinerary.

Love cooking as much as you love eating

Cooking lessons from Niagara's culinary masters.

Decide how you prefer to spend your free time

Plan a perfect Niagara getaway in minutes.

Enjoy the ride

Discover the joys of top-down motoring in Niagara.

Stroll amidst the vines

The Beamsville Bench Vineyard Trail is a grape way to spend the day.

Young at heart

Enjoy some of Niagara's old school attractions with this one-day itinerary.

Family fun in Niagara

This one-day itinerary highlights Niagara's more interesting ways to get around.

Waterpark fun

Prepare to get wet with this one-day itinerary.

Make some new friends

Head to Niagara for a fun-filled, two-day animal adventure.

Unplug and reconnect

Enjoy this two-day itinerary for hard-to-please teens.

Niagara's heritage comes alive

This two-day itinerary lets you experience events that shaped our country.

Discover our coolest grape

Experience Niagara's version of Chardonnay- the most planted fine white wine grape in the world.

Pinot perfection

Appreciate the process and flavours of Niagara's top Pinot Noirs.

Elegance and finesse

Visit some of Niagara’s top producers for Cabernet Franc.

The wine lover's wine

Introduce yourself to Canada's signature style: Icewine.