Fall in Niagara

Autumn in Niagara is an extraordinary time to visit. Whether you’re looking to turn date night into a date weekend, or give your family a Thanksgiving they’ll never forget, Niagara Canada in fall is as bountiful as the season itself.  

Summer is full of plans and obligations (hello, wedding season) and with winter comes the mad scramble to be ready for the holidays, so it’s only fair that in the fall you make time for a little indulgence. Or a lot...if you come to The 8th Wonder.

Only in Niagara can you take in the rich tapestry of fall while hiking, biking, and boating - all in the same day. If just reading that made you tired, there are plenty of ways to unwind as well. Nothing pairs better with a full day of exploring the outdoors than a bottle of award-winning VQA wine. And with over 85 wineries to choose from, there’s something to satisfy newcomers and connoisseurs alike. But what good is a glass of wine without an equally-flavourful meal? We pride ourselves on restaurants that serve delicious food directly from farm-to-table, shining a spotlight on local ingredients freshly prepared just for you. Just one bite and you’ll know that we take the harvest season seriously.

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